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Suqian Fair-Rite was invited to participate in 2019 ED-Test Technology Conference
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Suqian Fair-Rite was invited to attend ED-Test Technology Conference 2019- Shanghai summit during September 20 & 21, 2019. Leaders, experts, scholars and engineers in the fields of EMI industry gathered together to discuss the problems encountered in scientific research and works in EMI industry、 power supply design、microwave radio frequency and share classic cases. As a supplier of EMI components, Fair-Rite’s technology、product information and samples have attracted a large number of experts and visitors, we earn hot on-site consultations and discussion.

 In the past 70 years, Fair-Rite’s achievements of intensive work in the field of EMI industry have been recognized and affirmed by everyone. People have expressed that: with China's increasingly important role in electronic industry, more and more domestic manufacturers are looking forward to high quality of the original products of the United States. In the past long time, domestic manufacturers rely on imported Fair-rite products, which have a long delivery period and high cost. At present, Suqian Fair-Rite is engaged in the process、 technical support and product support of Fair-Rite .it is undoubtedly to optimize the electronic manufacturing industry chain. In the future, Suqian Fair-Rite will play a more important role in this industry chain, support customers not only in high quality , but also enough quantity. 图片2.png

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