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Suqian Fair-Rite participates in Electronica China 2019
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As representatives of Fair-Rite Electronics Products Corp. we showed our products and presence at booth E5.5856 in SNIEC during 20th-22nd, March.2019.  We welcomed our domestic and foreign peers and guests. Relying on the strong attraction of Electronica China and the great influence of the head office in the EMI industry.  We received many visitors in our booth.  No matter the Senior Engineer or the young rookie who seems to have just entered the industry, they are always welcome for consulting or communicating with our Fair-Rite team.  The “Fair-Rite” name and our high-quality products are highly appreciated by them. Some clients are eager to bring back showpieces to their laboratory for verification. Some clients made an on-site appointment schedule to visit Suqian Fair-Rite and some clients sought our Engineers for technological communication among thousands of booths. We are looking forward to meeting more friends in the EMI industry in Electronica China next year.



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